Create a static server with node-static

We’ll use node-static to create the instance, first load it from npm:

$ sudo npm install node-static

Create a server.js file in your root path:

To activate your static server, run:

$ node server.js

Now you’ll have access to all your static files inside /public folder, for example home.html -> http://localhost:1331/home.html.


Using dropbox as fast frontend publishing system

I recently had to find a system to show quickly and effective front-end work.

In my case i always separe projects into two phases: front-end and back-end. The first one is an adaptation of design to the static layouts, where i develop the structure of the files (fonts, images, css, js), layout, and functionality, etc. Thus while the client reviews this part I can start focus on next phase.

Normally we are used to working with remote servers (often shared servers), and upload the files via FTP or version control (SVN or git) … But sometimes you have to wait until you get the access to the server (from the client or the agency) which makes the work process more tedious.

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