Coding Something, is a web development blog. Through articles, guides, opinions and reports will attempt to share experiences in developing web applications configuration.

PHP, Node JS and above fronted stuff such as Backbone, Marionette and styles, and a little of sysadmin tricks will be the contents of this blog. Any input is welcome.

Also you can find me here:


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Buen dìa Carlos.
    Sorry but I don’t speak spanish! 😦
    I’d really like to use your nice qtranslate slug plugin.
    Now there is a version called qrtranslate plus which is updated to the latest versions of wordpress but is not recognised by your plugin. I can do some work to modify your plugin if you haven’t time. Can you give me some suggestion?
    I feel it’s just a matter of changing some little things.
    For example Qtranslate plus use a “ppqtranslate” prefix for most functions. (I don’t know why).
    maybe it’s just a matter of adding support for this.

    Thank you in advance,


  2. Hi Carlos!
    I see that qtranslate has been just updated and the developer announced to continue supporting his plugin.

    Is your plugin ‘qtranslate slug’ still compatible with the new updated version of qtranslate?
    Do you have any plans to continue updating your plugin in the near future?

    best regards

  3. Feliz Navidad Carlos. I really like your Sweepstakes plugin! There seems to be minor clashes between existing plugins (CouponCreator, specifically), and a few minor bugs on WordPress 3.5

    Will you be updating this? This is a fantastic addition to the community!


  4. Buen día. Me pareció muy interesante el plugin “Sweepstakes” para wordpress, pero estoy utilizando la versión 3.4.1 y el plugin de WordPress instala normalmente se registra en la promoción, pero la página de la promoción no se abría. ¿Podría decirme si esto no funciona en la versión que estoy usando o si es otro problema? Lo siento por mi español malo porque yo soy brasileño. Gracias por su atención. João

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