Simpletooltip 1.3.0

Simpletooltip updates to version 1.3.0 with some new features, tweaks and bugfixes.
Now in jQuery Plugins.

Version 1.3.0

  • new: options. You can pass some options to adjust size, border, colors, animation, arrow size, etc.
  • new: themes. 4 default configurations you can customize: dark, gray, white, blue. Add your own theme.
  • tweak: added npm, grunt and bower in order to automatize and build all scripts
  • tweak: changed code structure, now based on prototypes.
  • tweak: move from css to .less
  • tweak: files restructured /src -> /dist
  • new responsive project page (demo) with all new features documented.
  • tweak: new logo design
  • some bugfixes and performance issues solved.

Simpletooltip is now in jQuery Plugins

One year and half ago updated their sites (WordPress powered :)). And now we have  a new plugins repo system based in Github. You can use the webhooks service to attach your repo to jquery plugins. The only think you will need is add a manifest to your repo (a .json file witch contains the plugin info).


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