Testing .kit language

kitIcon Kit language brings imports and variables to your HMTL layouts, improving your workflow.

Kit is a “language” included in CodeKit that allows you to import parts of HTML and compile the result as .html archives. This is very useful for keep updated your layouts in large and complex structures with several files.

You can, for example, separate repeated parts of code that are present in all templates such as menus, navigation, sidebar, footer … The syntax is simple and flexible:

<!-- @import "./modules/header.kit" -->
<!-- @import "../footer.html" -->

Also you can use “global” variables present in all included parts:

<!-- $menu_option1 = class="selected" -->
	<li <!--$menu_option1-->>Option 1</li>
	<li <!--$menu_option2-->>Option 2</li>
	<li <!--$menu_option3-->>Option 3</li>

Kit is part of CodeKit app, checkout the language page here.


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