Sublime Text

Sublime Text 2 Sublime Text 2 is a superfast multiplatform code editor very very versatile.
Is developed in Python and is huge extensible with thousands of plugins coded by users.

I recently wrote an article about Espresso, but some time after using it i have noticed that it is not enough for me, and i need some features that Espresso doesn’t have. Here is when Sublime Text comes to rescue.

If you’re a mac coder the first u’ll see is that Sublime Text has a modest interface, nothing to do with Coda or Espresso, that’s because is a python application, but don’t worry about that, all the features it has, amply compensates its “apparenty” deficiency in UI.


Then.. what differentiates Sublime Text from the rest?

Well the first kill-feature is the speed, Sublime Text is a super-fast editor, any action you do with it is practically instantaneous.

Another kill-feature is the modularity and the extensibility of the app, that combined with a huge community creating plugins and extensions and the fact that it is a multiplatform app (mac, windows and linux) makes Sublime as the most popular code editor for any kind of developer.

With Package Control you can install almost any plugin or extension in less than 5 seconds, it’s crazy. The Command Pallete ( shift + cmd + P ) is responsible for this, without touching your mouse / trackpad you can access to all Sublime actions, project files, settings, etc…

The settings of the app and extensions are .json files, then you edit “manually” the code… apparently that’s ugly, but when you use it you realize that it is much more useful, quick and versatile.

Of course don’t mention that you can install, remove or create, your own languages, snippets, color schemes, etc.

Packages i’ve installed

  • Emmet
  • Gitgutter
  • jQuery
  • JSformat
  • SublimeLinter
  • Clipboard History
  • PHPUnit (for PHP developers)
  • LESS (for LESS developers)
  • Nettuts+ Fetch
  • AdvancedNewFile
  • SFTP

If you want to know more, here you’ll find a lot of video tutorials courtesy of Nettuts+: Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text.


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