lessCodeKit is a mac application that enhances your front development, compiling CSS, debugging JavaScript and compressing your images.
CodeKit works with LESS, SASS/SCSS, Compass, Bourbon, Stylus, CoffeScript, Haml, Jade, Slim, Kit and Webpages…

Also it has itegrated a reload motor that refresh the browser or inject CSS when you save any file of the project, something like LiveReload (for now this only works on Webkit browsers).

If you like combine and compile several files in one, in order to save server calls, CodeKit has a nice feature that makes this very simple.

Other great feature for me is the “frameworks” feature, that allows you to “include” libraries that are not fissically in the project, this is perfect to have only one copy of your favorite libraries (Bootstrap, Compass…) and using it according the needs of each project.

In conclusion i think CodeKit is a very great all-in-one tool that boosts your front-end development and in my opinion with a very competitive price.


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