Espresso 2

esspresso-iconEspresso 2 is a visual text editor for design and develop for the web. By default it has good features like Zencoding, a nice CSS editor (CSSEdit 3), project manager and FTP publishing (like Coda). Also you can expand it yourself with extra plugins called sugars.

For a years my tools for code were CSSEdit 2.5 to code CSS and Textmate (2) for all the rest. I recently decided to leave Textmate+CSSEdit combination and use a new all-in-one solution more visual.

Today the king of the editors is Sublime Text 2 and all people use it and extend it, but i wanted to try something more visual, some editor all-in-one to code styles too and minimally extensible. The user experience of CSSEdit for me was good and all this has led me to Coda and finally Espresso.

Espresso 2 is a 2 year old editor and in comparison with Sublime2 is older, and less customizable, but for me it is enough. You can change the theme or create a new one yourself (that’s beacause its a simple .css file), also you can install some sugars for the modern life, some of mine are:

CSS3 / HTML5 / jquery / LESSmarkdownSQL /  WordPress

One of the things I miss in Espresso is a user interface for svn/git. Something for version control like it has for FTP. Let’s see in next versions.

Here a video:

And some articles:

Port the Best Vim Commands to your Favorite Text Editor.
Are TextMate and Coda Yesterday’s Editors?


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